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Terhal Platinum

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Terhal Platinum

Terhal platinum can cover any emergency medical and air ambulance expenses and personal liability up to $1,00,000 with no additional contribution for terrorism cover.

Including cover for trip cancellation , Loss of baggage to many other benefits to travel around the world with absolute peace of mind.

Platinum Plan

Schedule of Benefit

(The following is only a summary of the main cover limits. You should read the rest of this Contract for the full terms and conditions)

As Per PlanExcess
APersonal Accidet$50,000
BEmergancy Medical and Ambulance Expense$1,000,000$50
Emergancy Dental Care$1,000$50
Repatriation of Mortal Remain$15,000
Repatriation of Family Member Travelling with The Insured Person$10,000
Travel of One Immediate Family Member [111])$1,000
CLoss of Checked Baggage Delayed Baggage$5,000 $1,000$50
$100 each 12 hour Period of delay$100 each 12 hour Period of delay
DLoss of Baggage Whilst on a Trip$2,500$50
EPersonal Liability$1,000,000$250 for PD
FHi-Jack$5,00024 Hours
$100 per hour$100 per hour
GEscort of Dependant ChildEconomy Tickets
HEmergency Return Home Following Death of a Close Family Member$5,000
IDelivery of MedicinesCovered
JRelay of Urgent MessagesCovered
KLong Distance Medical Information ServiceCovered
LMedical Referral/ Appointment of Local / Medical SpecialistCovered
MConnection Services$3,000
OLoss of Passport$3,000$50
PCancellation and Curtailment$1,000$50
QTravel Delay$1,000 $ 100 after 12 hours and $ 50 for each additional 6 hours of delay12 Hours $ 100 after 12 hours and $ 50 for each additional 6 hours of delay
RMissed Departure$1,500$100
SAdvance of Bail Bond$10,000
TLegal Expenses$50,000


  • Some sections of cover also have additional sub limits- for example, Section C D have a single article and valuables limit.
  • Death, loss of limb or loss of sight benefit under the age 16 and over 65 shall be limited IJS$5000.
  • No PTD benefit for participants aged under 16 or over 65.
  • An aggregate limit of IJS$I million will be applicable to each group cover bound. Please refer Policy Wording for T&C.