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Terhal Haj

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Terhal Haj & Umrah

If you are travelling to Mecca for Hajj &Umrah, this is the perfect takafulplan for you.Perform Holy Hajj &Umrah without worrying about financial burdens arising from any unfortunate events

Key benefits includes (Attached list of benefits)

Basic Plan Starting from Aed 33/- for 15 days.

Haj & Umrah

Schedule of Benefit

(The following is only a summary of the main cover limits. You should read the rest of this Contract for the full terms and conditions)

SecCoverH & Up - BAsicH & Up - ExtraExcess (Limit in US)
SectionTerritoryKingdom of Saudia ArabiaKingdom of Saudia Arabia
AMedical ExpenseNIL
Medical EvacuationNIL
Repatriation of Mortal RemainsNIL
B.1 & B.2Loss Baggage ClaimNIL
CPersonal Accident (Death / PTD)NIL
International AssistantFreeFree

*Term and Condition Apply

*Note: Where the world (Insurance) appears, its mean Islamic Insurance (Takaful).