Date: Dec 22, 2020

Noor Takaful, a Dar Al Takaful Company, the UAE’s second largest Islamic insurance entity, has partnered with Abu Dhabi Global Market’s leading technology startup in digital insurance technology solutions and services, Limited, to launch the unique Bliss Savings plan which offers participants a fully digital experience. Available on both android and iOS, all services including applications can be accessed through a smartphone without paperwork or branch visits, realizing the zero-touch economy. UAE Nationals and residents need not worry about their financial future by purchasing one or more Life Takaful Insurance and savings plans that offer complete control and visibility of their investment performance.

“As industry leaders we strive to innovate and provide the best solutions to ensure our customers’ needs and financial goals are fulfilled”, said Rajesh Sethi, CEO, Dar Al Takaful, the holding company of Noor Takaful. The app interface is user-friendly and will include unique features such as retail rewards earned through referral. Participants can opt into’s “Burn & Earn” rewards program, where they get rewards for exercising and meeting daily fitness targets.

The benefits of the savings plan include low monthly contribution (AED 500/month), the simple identification of the participant’s approach to choosing Low, Medium, & High return savings options depending on individual profiles, professional fund management by Morningstar, one of the top financial advisory firms in the world, full visibility on plan performance 24×7 from the convenience of a mobile phone, the ability to change the set plan through the app without visiting a branch, making phone calls, and/or visiting an agent. Participants can also continue their policy even after leaving the UAE by simply updating their app with a valid credit/debit card.

For downloading the App, please visit