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Mumtaz / Khaas / Almasa

To serve you better, and make sure we satisfy your needs when it comes to your motor vehicle insurance. We have created three different products under comprehensive policy, which are Mumtaz, Khaas and Almasa.

Depending on whether you choose Mumtaz or Khaas or Almasa, your policy will also have these additional benefits:

  • Personal accident cover to driver and passengers up to an amount of AED 200,000 per person
  • For accidental bodily injury to any occupant of the covered vehicle, we will cover emergency medical expenses
  • If personal clothing or effects are lost or damaged whilst in or on the covered vehicle by fire, theft, attempted theft or accident, we will indemnify up to limits agreed.
  • In the event of breakage of windows or windscreen of the covered vehicle where this is the only damage to the covered vehicle where this is the only damage to the covered vehicle, the cost of the windscreen will be indemnified without applying the policy deductible.
  • In case of an accident to your car, we will provide a car to hire (a saloon car with 1600 cc engine for a maximum period of seven days whilst your vehicle is being repaired.
  • You will enjoy one of the widest emergency roadside assistance services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year free of cost! Throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Please have a look at the schedule to see which coverage suits you need the most

Benefit Per Package

BENEFITS PER PACKAGEMotor MumtazMotor AsasMotor Al-Masa (Vehicle Value greater than AED 500,000 up to AED 2,000,000)
Comprehensive Cover10 years from new7 years from new8 years from new
Loss or Damage to Insured VehicleYesYesYes
Third Party Liability (Bodily Injury)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Third Party Liability (Property Damage)AED 3 million AED 1 millionAED 3 million
Medical ExpensesYes (limit AED 5,000Yes (limit AED 2,000)Yes (limit AED 5,000)
Personal BelongingsYes ( limit AED 5,000)Yes (AED 1,000)Yes (limit AED 5,000)
No excess for windscreen damageYes (AED 5,000)Yes (AED 2,000)Yes (AED 10,000)
Personal Accident Benefit (Driver)YesOptionalYes
Personal Accident Benefit (PassengersYesOptionalYes
Fire & Theft CoverYesYesYes
Malicious DamageYes (up to 5 years)Yes (up to 5 years)Yes (up to 5 years exel Bahrain)
Storm, Flood, Riot and StrikeYesOptionalYes (excluding Bahrain)
No Claims DiscountYesYesNA
Oman Cover (Own Damage only)YesYesYes
Off Road Cover (Off Road capable vehicles)YesOptionalYes
GCC Cover (Own Damage only)YesOptionalYes
Standard Dealer Repair Period3 Years2 Years4 Years
Guaranteed Repairs (6 months)YesYesYes
New Car Replacement (No depreciation)Up to 6 months from newNot ApplicableUp to 6 months from new
Hire Car Benefit (24 hours)YesOptionalYes
Emergency Roadside AssistanceYesYesYes
Platinum Card IMC (24 hours)YesOptionalYes
Orange Card for Sultanate of Oman (Third Party Liability Cover only)Orange Card for Sultanate of Oman (Third Party Liability Cover only)OptionalOrange Card for Sultanate of Oman(Third Party Liability Cover only)
  • *Terms and Conditions Apply
  • *Note: All benefits and products are subject to the terms and conditions of contract, and to the Underwriting Guidelines of Dar Al Takaful.