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AED 567.42 (Five Hundred Sixty Seven UAE Dirhams and Forty Two Fils Only.)

AED 27.02

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Test - Screensf1212103/07/201933333333333333389898Asbetar Basic540.40

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Test Sponsor7841989555555555R212121

I hereby declare that the details stated on this online application is complete and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have not withheld any material information and this declaration from part of my contractual relationship with the company and that any non disclosure or misrepresentation will make the insurance coverage word from inception and no refund will be made of the contribution.

The member insurance will be activated on his/her Emirate ID and information will be sent on the registered email with a copy of the generic card. Please identify yourself as DAT/MEDNET member at the EBP network. Insurance will be provided for members only with EID application number. EID number to be updated to DAT within a month to avail medical services.

Remarks: Certificate of insurance will be issued via email on approval of the policy.

On successful processing of the application, a generic medical card will be couriered to the address provided. In those cases where Emirate ID is under process, health insurance card will be sent by courier.

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