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Marine Insurance

Single Shipments

Single Marine Cargo insurance is for ‘one-off’ insurance cover for import or export shipments, except home removals and personal effect shipments. The Single Marine Cargo has a broad, market-leading and competitive cover incorporating internationally recognized Institute Clauses with special conditions and additional clauses.

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Open Covers

Marine Open Cover is a tailor made master policy catering to the individual business requirements of the Insured and allows individual or periodic declaration of shipments (eg monthly, quarterly) with premium payable on each declaration. Open covers are subject to annual renewal and remain in force for a period of 12 months, providing cover on declared shipments as and when they are made. This facilitates easy policy and claims administration for businesses.

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Annual Goods in Transit

An Annual Goods in Transit policy, similar to a Marine Open Cover, is a tailor made policy to suit the Insured’s requirements. It is an annual policy for cargo transits by road where the premium is based on the value of goods in transit, at the insured’s risk, during the policy period. It is the simplest and most convenient way to cover the insured’s inland transit risks. The cover options available for Annual Goods in Transit is available is as follows:

  • Land Transit All Risks Insurance: Covering All Risks, subject only to the exclusions specified on the policy.
  • Land Transit Basic Insurance: Covering the risks of Fire, Collision with or by the carrying vehicle(s) or Overturning of the carrying vehicle(s)

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