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Hull Insurance

Marine Hulls

Marine Hull Insurance covers physical loss or damage to the hull and machinery which constitute the ship itself. Marine Hull Insurance cover is available for commercial vessels as well as pleasure crafts. The cover is provided against damage to or loss of the vessel, including collision liability risk, loss mitigation expenses and general average contributions incorporating internationally recognized Institute Clauses with special conditions and additional clauses.

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Protection and Indemnity

This insurance, usually referred to as “P&I,” provides cover to shipowners, operators, and charterers for third-party liabilities encountered in the commercial operation of entered vessels. The main risks covered are liabilities, expenses, and costs for Loss of life, injury and illness of crew, passengers and other persons, Cargo loss, shortage or damage, Collision, Damage to docks, buoys and other fixed and floating objects, Wreck removal, Pollution and other similar risks. P&I cover is designed to complement a vessel’s hull and machinery insurance and related covers.

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Aviation Insurance

The cover provided for businesses involved in the aviation industry (air transporters, airports, service providers {refuellers, caterers, security screeners and the like}) against loss, damage and liability to property caused by the aircraft, injury to crew and/or passengers and many of the varying liability exposures specific to the aviation industry. Aircraft hull insurance covers losses arising from the physical damage to aircraft hull as a result of various perils, including war and terrorism. Aircraft liability insurance covers operators of aircraft for third party liability. In addition to these, another cover, Aviation liability, covers a wide range of legal liabilities associated with airport and other aviation operations, excluding aircraft operations.