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AEligibility (Salary)Less Than 4000 AED
BAnnual Benefits LimitAED 150,000
CArea of Cover (Emergency)UAE + Home Country
DNetwork ApplicableEBP Network
EPre-Existing & Chronic Conditions CoverCovered with 6 Months Waiting Period
FArea of Cover (Elective)Home Country Coverage is Applicable only if Home Country Located within any of the Below Mentioned List of Countries
GOnly in Patient will be Covered in Home Countries (Out Patient Treatment Not Covered)
HSouth East Asia (sea): India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Bhutan.

*Salary for the purpose of defining LSB workers is basic salary plus allowances for transport and housing. Commissions, bonuses, school fees and other benefits in kind are not included in the definition.


It is hereby understood and agreed that the following words shall be read as/synonymous to each other:

  • 1. Insurance/Takaful
  • 2. Insurer/Takaful Operator
  • 3. Contribution/Premium
  • 4. Insured/Participant/Takaful Certificate Owner
  • 5. Policy/Certificate/ Takaful Certificate