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Who we are

Dar Al Takaful PJSC was established in 2008 with a paid-up capital of AED 150 Million as an Islamic Insurance company based in Dubai providing Sharia compliant solutions for our clients’ insurance needs.

Dar Al Takaful PJSC is a local insurance company that is innovative, professional and principled.

Corporate decision making is in close proximity to catch the needs and wants of our clients. Dar Al Takaful’s client’s insurance needs and expectations are addressed potentially with tailor made ethical solutions.

This commitment to our clients is backed up by a strong group of investors who provide the support and solid financial foundation that allows them to feel safe and secure no matter what line of business.

As an Islamic Insurance company in the UAE, Dar Al Takaful PJSC’s business operations are Sharia compliant and this aspect is overseen by a distinguished Fatwa and Sharia Supervisory Board.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to deliver protection and peace of mind.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to offer the most innovative ethical insurance solutions and build a culture of excellence

  • Values

    Our values are

    • – Ethics
    • – Passion
    • – Quality
    • – Agility
    • – Empathy

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What is Takaful?

Takaful is an Islamic Insurance concept and is a Sharia compliant mutual risk sharing arrangement, involving “Participants” and “Takaful Operators” in lieu of the traditional terms “Insured” and “Insurer”.

Typically, Takaful i.e Islamic Insurance is based on certain defined rules and processes in line with the Sharia (Islamic Jurisprudence) principles such as the Wakala and Mudaraba models and rules governing investment and management of funds.

The contributions collected from the participants are considered donations (Tabarru’) and they form the Takaful Fund. It is from this fund that all claims are reimbursed. The operational expenses of the Takaful Operator are paid by a portion of the Participant’s Contribution called the Wakala Fees.

The difference between Takaful and conventional insurance rests in the way the risk is assessed and handled, as well as how the Takaful fund is managed.

Up to the mid 1990’s, the Takaful model of insurance was practiced by just a handful of companies. Over the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of players and the world of Takaful Insurance has grown substantially strong, both professionally and competitively. Dar Al Takaful aims to be a leader in this segment, locally and regionally, by delivering value-added services built on sustainable lasting relationships within the Sharia compliant framework.